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Visit-Specific Satisfaction Instrument (VSQ-9) Rubin et al. 1993 Visit-Specific Satisfaction Instrument (VSQ-9)

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* Thinking about your visit with the physician/health care professional you saw, How would you rate the following:
  Poor Good Very good Excellent
1. How long you waited to get an appointment
2. Convenience of the location of the office
3. Getting through to the office by phone
4. Length of time waiting at the office
5. Time spent with the physician/health care professional you saw
6. Explanation of what was done for you
7. Technical skills (thoroughness, carefulness, competence) of the physician/health care professional you saw
8. The personal manner (courtesy, respect, sensitivity, friendliness) of the person you saw
9. The visit overall
Average satisfaction rate: 0%

Average satisfaction rate:


Average satisfaction rate: 0%

Rubin HR, Gandek B, Rogers WH, Kosinski M, Mchorney CA, Ware JE. Patients' ratings of outpatient visits in different practice settings. Results from the Medical Outcomes Study. JAMA. 1993;270(7):835-40. PMID: 8340982.

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